A Private Label Coffee Company

We specialize in creating coffee brands for clients around the world – beans, ground, capsules, tins, pods

We are a 3-generation  artesanal Italian coffee roaster located in Turin, Italy. Our family has a passion for coffee and we take pride in what we do and the quality of the coffee we serve our clients. 


Our coffee company serves businesses all over Italy and in many countries.  Our coffee is reknown for its very high quality, reason why our coffee is present in hundreds of stores around the world.


Coffee has been our passion since 1961: we select the green coffee from the best origins, we roast and pack all our blends in the factory based in Turin, Italy. 

Our blend “BAR” – 90% Arabica was awarded with the gold medal by the International Institute for Coffee Tasters in 2018. 

Through 3 generations we spread our brand in North west of Italy, and in many countries abroad.


Our product range for Private Label is:

·      Roasted coffee in beans and ground (Turkish/Arabic/American/Filter/Espresso/Moka.Coffee pods). 

·      Compatible capsules (Nespress and Dolce Gusto)

·      Tins

·      Private label both for beans, ground, tins, pods and capsules.


We are FDA certified as also CIFER certified. As a European certified Coffee Company, we comply with the strictest sanitary, health and export regulations. Reliability and performance have allowed to us to maintain steady growth and remain solid since our foundation in 1994.




For more efficient communication regarding private labelling, please communicate through this site (myowncoffeebrand.com) which is our English website for our Private Labelling Business. Our Italian website is www.mokabar.it. 


We distribute coffee to major wholesalers, distributors, hotel, restaurant and coffee shop chains, as also many other coffee-related businesses of every size and everywhere in the world.


We source coffees  of origins from all over the world, though mainly with 6 of our company-selected beans and blends, ranging from Robustas to Premium Supremos. We specialize in Private Label, being one of the few high-quality OEM/Private Label Coffee Roasters in the world to offer simplicity, clarity and speed regarding the creation of your own coffee brand. 


For steps on how to start with creating your own coffee brand, whether you are small or big, please check our catalogue with detailed info on the process and  our prices. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your private labelling questions, by phone, email or English Customer Attention Whatsapp : +34-628744644.


This is the Private Label Website of MOKABAR.