Our Company

We are a Spanish Coffee Company  located in Alicante, Spain, with a complete roasting and packaging factory. Our Coffee Company covers absolutely all aspects in the coffee business. Our factory possesses the latest up-to-date-machinery for large-scale roasting, bag manufacturing and packaging. Our team of external designers help clients around the world, create eye-catching designs. Our coffee is reknown for its high quality, reason why our coffee is present in hundreds of stores around the world.


We are IFS and FDA certified. As a European certified Coffee Company, we comply with the strictest sanitary, health and export regulations. Reliability and performance have allowed to us to maintain steady growth and remain solid since our foundation in 1994. 







Years of experience in the hospitality sector and our coffee factory appearance in the coffee market have ensured that our client list keeps growing on a daily basis, in step with our coffee production. These achievements come as a result of the enterprising and perseverant commercial prospection work carried out by our team of professionals.

For our highest sales clients we can personalise the product packaging.

We distribute coffee to major wholesalers, distributors, hotel, restaurant and coffee shop chains, as also many other coffee-related businesses of every size and everywhere in the world.


Our products have travelled far beyond our own borders. Along with promotion throughout Europe in conjunction with the Alicante Chamber of Commerce, the Valencian Export Institute (IVEX) and the Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX), our coffee is present in tens of countries around the world, the main ones being: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Russia, China, Czech Republic, Dubai and Saudia Arabia.


We now source coffees  of origins from all over the world, though mainly with 6 of our company-selected beans and blends, ranging from Robustas to Premium Supremos. We specialize in Private Label, being one of the few high-quality OEM/Private Label Coffee Companies in the world to offer speed, simplicity, transparency, quality and efficiency. 




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