Our Favourite Coffees


A blend of 40% Vietnam Robusta & 60% Colombia and Brazil Arabica.

Extra Crème

A creamy Asian Robusta. This coffee with a soft aroma gives your cup an intense flavour, full body and a persistent cream.


A blend of 20% Vietnam Robusta & 80% Colombia and Brazil Arabica. A selection of the highest quality coffee with great aroma that gives your cup a soft and sweet flavour and half body.


Asian decaffeinated coffee. A coffee with an intense aroma, that gives your cup a soft flavour and full body with no caffeine.

Colombian Supremo 17/18

The best pure 100% Arabica beans Colombia has to offer. A pure premium gourmet arabica, mild fruity taste with harmonious subtle acidity, notes of sweet caramel, and dark chocolate finish, and very intense fragrance and high body.

Costa Rica

This coffee is clean, sweet, light-bodied and well-balanced.


A fruity unique taste with hints of blueberry, with light body, strong acidity and wonderful floral flavour.


Heavy body with subtle smoky spicy overtones, with a superb sweet finish, a balanced level of acidity and body, and rich aroma.


Medium body with subtle hints of wood, tropical fruits and spices, low acidity and complex spicy aroma.

Brazil Arabica

A soft coffee with low acidity, a big body and occasionally a sweet flavour with hints of chocolate, caramel or coconut.



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