You want your own coffee brand?


We are a leading international company, the first to simplify to the maximum the creation of Private Label Coffee. In just a couple of steps, you can create your own private label coffee. We take care of it all in just a few steps. We print, roast, package and ship. From small orders to full containers. Our clients can use any of our premium label designs if he/she wished.   

All our designs are exclusive to our company and may not be used without our express authorisation.


 Our Company 

We are based in Alicante, Spain, with a 20-year history as roasters and full coffee factory with a fully automated packaging system on-site. Our company, chosen as one of the 10 leading coffee companies in Spain, offers a complete line of premium coffees. Our prize-winning packaging design of our latest Single Origin Gourmet line, recently launched this year, is fast becoming a success around the world given that it is very rare to find a brand offering a complete line of Single Origin coffees. Our coffee is present in many countries and in practically all the continents of the world. 

We are also the creators of thousands of private label coffee brands, in all languages, of clients around the world. We are known for our very high-quality designs, given that we have a deal with a team of top-international designers that offer our clients very affordable prices. Our clients can directly contract them.

Our certifications

Our Factory is IFS and FDA certified. To have this type of certification, this means that our Factory had to undergo very exhaustive controls and has to continue undergoing the strictist sanitary and quality controls. You can rest assured that you will be getting 100% clean, fresh, high-quality pure coffee.

If you want to create your own Private Label Coffee, we offer:

1- Red, Black or White Bags with labels

2- Black Bags with no labels (you can place them when you get them) for those looking for best-priced option. You can laser-print the side free of charge.

3- Printed bags (purchase of a roll is required). Roll costs 2800 euros and can take 2 or 3 designs (same size). Makes around 7,000 bags of 1 kg or 25,000 bags of 250g. You can place small orders each time and we save your roll for you.

Client Profile

Our clients range from small online sellers to major restaurant and supermarket chains. From small orders to full containers. 

Shipping options

We ship by sea, land and air.

Approximate shipping cost

By truck (Europe): approximately 1.5 euros/kg (approx. $0.80/lb)

By air (Rest of the World): approximately 5-7 euros/kg (approx. $2.70-$3.90 dollars/lb)

By sea (pallets): approximately 1.5 euros/kg (approx. $0.80/lb)

By sea (per container): approximately 0.30 euros/kg (approx. $0.16/lb)

Order mínimum:

100 kgs (220lbs).

For Burdet, you can mix coffees, as long as the minimum of each coffee is a full box.

For Private Label clients, you can order different coffees as long as the minimum of each is 50 kgs.

How many bags per box?

1 kg is 6 bags in a box. (1 kg = 2.2 lb)

500 grams is 12 bags in a box. (500 grams = 1.1lb)

250 grams is 16 bags in a box. (250 grams = 8.8oz)

Your prices are in euros but I need dollars.

Our prices are in Euros for we are located in Spain. Our CALCULATOR lets you pick the US Dollars or Sterling Pound so you can get a conversion to better understand. But in moment of order, you would have to pay in euros through bank wire.

I would like to get a shipping quote

Fist step, please go to our ONLINE CALCULATOR. This calculator will let you create an order and get a shipping estimate. This shipping estimate is 10% +/-.

If you would like to proceed, complete the checkout process for your order and make payment of the pre-payment of 100 dollars. We will then prepare exact quote and proforma for you. This will take  2-3 days approx. The 100 dollars will be deducted from the total. 

What are box sizes?

250 gram box (8.8 oz bags):

40 cm x 20 cm x 21 cm (16 inches x 8 inches x 8.3 inches)

500 gram and 1 kg box (for 1.1lb and 2.2lb bags):

30 cm x 33 cm x 28 cm (11.8 inches x 13 inches x 11.05 inches)

Are my labels machine-applied or hand applied?

Important note: if your order is for over 1000 labels /same size (it can be different desgins), your bags will be perfectly machine-labelled. For less quantities, your order will be manually prepared and can present some minimum differences.

How long to prepare my order?

If your order is for our Brand Burdet: 3-4 working days to roast and package + shipping times

If your order is for Private label (bags with labels): 1 week to print + 1 week to roast and package + shipping times.

If your order is for Private label (printed bags): 1 month for printing + 1 week to roast and package + shipping times.

Bag size options:

  • 1 kg/2.2lb: whole bean
  • 500 grams/1.1lb: whole bean
  • 250g/8.8oz: ground or whole bean coffee. 

What info of factory has to be on the PRIVATE LABEL bags:

According to EU law, for us to be able to export, your bag has to indicate a lot number, best before date, our Sanitary License number. On the front you must indicate clearly whether the coffee is Roasted Whole Bean or Roasted Ground Coffee and weight. Please make sure you consult in your country what other label requirements there are.

Where do you ship from?

Most of the time, we ship from Spain. For Green coffee, we only sell full containers and we ship directly fom Colombia to the client. For other coffees, please consult.

Do I have to add taxes to prices?

If outside of Spain, we do not add taxes. If inside Spain, we have to add 21% tax. If in Europe, you need to provide VAT to not get charged taxes. If not, please add 10% for coffee and 21% transport.

Can we order pick-up?

Definately! We prepare your order for you in the Factory and let you know when it is ready for pick-up.

Payment options?

For samples, we accept Visa/Mastercard through Paypal.

For orders, only bank wire or L/C for container volumes.

How can I buy samples?

Please go to:

How long to get my samples?

We need approximately one week to roast and prepare your samples + shipping times by FedEx/UPS/DHL.

Easy Private Labelling:

With us, it is very easy to create your own coffee brand.

If you want printed bags, we send you the template and you send it back once ready for review.

If you don´t have a designer, we have top-level international designers in the Ukraine that work with our factory and at very affordable prices. Just let us know to send you contact details so you can ask for details and prices., offers clients many designs of ours that you can adapt with your logo and info, for a very low price, with the designers that work with our factory.

What measurements should the labels be? Do I need a template?

For labels, you do not need a template. Simply design your labels following the indicated measurements.

Measurements for front labels:

250 grams (8.8 oz):

13 cm tall x 6.5 cm wide (5.12 inches tall x 2.56 inches wide)

500 grams (1.1 lb):

10 cm tall x 10.3 cm wide (3.94 inches x 4.06 inches)

1 kg (2.2lb):

20 cm tall x 10.3 cm wide (7.87 inches x 4.06 inches)

Please send labels ready for printing in pdf

Measurements for side laser-printing:

You can send us to laser print up to approx 70 words.


Please send us the text in Word doc.

If you wish to place a bar code in this area, please send it in pdf.

(Side space that you can use:  50 mm tall x 45mm wide. Minimum size font: Arial 7.)

Mandatory info in some countries:

Please consult with your authorities regarding what info is required on your

packaging. We can give you a general idea to help you, but it is your responsibilityto make sure. We print what you give us.

The following info may be requiered if outside EU.

Generally you may add this info to the front label or on the side, laser printed.

You will probably need to put it in the language of your country.

  • Name of the product on the front (example: Colombian Gourmet)
  • Indicate what it is on the front: (example: Roasted Coffee Beans or Roasted Ground Coffee)
  • Net Weight of the product on the front: (example: 250g /8.8oz)

Usually on the side, if required:

  • Ingredients: (example: 100% Arabica coffee beans)
  • Store in cool dry place away from light
  • Importer: xxx
  • Country of origen: (example: Colombia)
  • Roasted and packaged in Spain
  • Tel / Website (usually optional) / Company address

Check if it required to put bar code. Usually required if you are going to sell in supermarkets or similar.

Check if nutritional chart is required. Usually not requiered in cases where the coffee is 100% pure coffee, no mixes, as our coffees.

Below your info, we add our info:

  • Lot number
  • Best before date
  • Sanitary License Number

How do you calculate the printed bags?

Printed bags are made from rolls. You would have to purchase a full roll, which costs 2800 euros (approx. $3,300 dollars) and is good for one size of bags. You can create 2 or 3 designs in one same roll.

How many bags out of a roll?

If 1 kg, estimate around 7,000 bags. If 500g, estimate 14,000 bags, If 250g, estimate 28,000 bags.

Can I divide one roll into small orders?

Yes. We can save the roll for you free of charge if you place an order every month or 2. If not, sadly there will be monthly charges for saving your roll.

How should I send you the labels or designs?

Please send us the labels in pdf. The front label has be to be a ready-for-printing pdf.  Any questions, your designer may contact whatsapp: +34-628744644 for help.



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